• Your looks - an important aspect of your personality is something you cannot control (of course, there are surgeries!). I wish to collect opinions, experiences and views on whether a person's looks matter in a job interview? Do you think good looking people have an edge over the average looking people?

    Of course, there's no scale that measures how good looking a person is. The question is very much opinion based. So do share your thoughts. I'm sure a lot of interesting information will come out of this discussion.
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  • Nayan Goenka

    MemberAug 10, 2013

    It depends on the mentality of the interviewer i think. If he is really in need of good engineer who work die hard for him, he may ignore looks over ability. But in mass recruitment, it matters. But it is really important you go in a decent attire and appearance in an interview.
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  • Saandeep Sreerambatla

    MemberAug 12, 2013

    Looks have a winder meaning as per me. If you are looking neat and tidy then it definitely adds value in a mass recruitment as said above.
    If you are attending an interview with certain experience , people look for your knowledge and a normal attire will do. Since each company has it rules, if I am attending an interview by taking a break in office hours then I am expected to wear dress according the dress code of the current company.

    Now , looks if you say the hot looking people, I have seen managers recruiting people who are hot 😛

    I have seen people who attend interview not to look smart but hot, they definitely has an edge over others if interviewers doesnt have some value , since he is interviewing for his company and he is expected to bring in best talent.. but things are not always black and white!
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  • Jeffrey Arulraj

    MemberAug 13, 2013

    If the interviewer is of the opposite gender it is a pun that looks are really important

    PS: The looks give you more confidence to face the challenge of an Interview So looks are really important
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  • narayana murthy

    MemberAug 17, 2013

    actually looks doesn't matter with me
    i have attended to an interview
    due to some reasons i was not shaved but they just ignored it
    i think looks only matters with mnc's
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