• The festive carpet has been rolled out, and pretty soon the Diwali-feeling shall be lighting up your moods (or firing your ass, it's the perspective.). Are you running hither-tither looking for that perfect gift, or still scratching your head in deciding one? Well. we don't boast to have the perfect answer, but quite frankly we've listed some awesome gadgets which may arrest your interest. So here goes-

    AT&T Launches The Kid Friendly Smartwatch FiLIP - It Keeps Parents Connected In Emergency for children:


    Refute me or challenge me, but deep down you know that your kid is way more smarter than you. A little too smart for their own good, kids. So why not gift them a watch that they'll flaunt in front of their friends, and via which you'll be able to monitor all their activities? It works as a standalone phone too, and has a 'safezone' function that lets parents set physical parameters for the kids. You know someone whose kid is constantly sputtering like a heated mustard seed, gift this out to them. They'll be thankful. And the colors are so bright and cool that even kiddies shall love it.

    The Long-Distance Watch


    Those of you hopelessly in love and in long distance relationships (my sympathies!), there is this elegant timepiece that has two clocks in a single face, and tells two times- one of the wearer and other of his love. Now this won't be an appropriate Diwali gift of course, but this is a time when most of the abroad-staying folks touch base in India, so you can always toss this in as an additional gift. Do buy a primary gift too, or you'll be left with both watches for yourself. And that'll be just sad.

    Too many watches already? Alright, moving on.

    PicoBrew Zymatic:


    Now this is a PERFECT gift for those who like it over the rocks. A lot. PicoBrew Zimatic is the appliance that instantly makes you beer- all you've got to do is load up grain, hops and water, and the machine shall churn out the beer for you within 4 hours.

    Mobile Breath Analyzer:


    Again for our beer-brewing friends. If you're really planning to gift the PicoBrew Zimatic to someone, you may want to add in the "Breathalyzer" that connects to Apple devices (iPhones, iPads) and measure the alcohol content in blood. This, so that they don't drink and drive. Be responsible, eh?



    You a doodler/graphic illustrator ? If yes, your gifting needs have been fulfilled by THE Book. It's a tool that's integrated with the iPad app Paper, and breathes life into the illustrations by transforming your sketches into cool Moleskine prints. This would require some effort on your part, but the output would be far too personal, and believe me, it'd be truly worth it. @#-Link-Snipped-# , you might be interested.

    Sony 3-in-1 Headphone:


    This one is latest, and shall be an instant gifting hit. It's priced decent, and functions as a music player, speaker and headphone. The person who loves music will start loving you too, granted you pass this across as a gift.

    Locate anything with Tile:


    Does this person loses things a lot? Ease up his life by presenting him Tile, the bluetooth tag that easily hooks on to your keys, laptop or any other item for the matter. The person has to download an application onto his phone, via which he'll be able to tag and track all his missing things.

    Buccaneer 3D Printer:


    Now this is something I'd personally like. You know, making all the stuff/toys you always desired and that too at a click of a button. That's really something. Even the cost factor is quite low.



    Canon FORUMLA P-201 portable scanner lets users scan documents in formats spanning PDF, JPEG, and others. The scanner come pre-loaded with all the latest image processing options, and sports an Automatic Paper Size Detection. The scanner also has color detection technology, which intelligently determines whether to save a particular scan in Greyscale or color. This bundle of joy is priced at just Rs 11,995/-.
    Kobo eReaders - Kobo Touch, Glo, Arc and Aura HD Launched In India, Features & Price At Glance
    Kobo eReaders - Kobo Touch, Glo, Arc and Aura HD Launched In India, Features & Price At Glance:


    For the bookworms, there can be nothing better than this digital companion. Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo, Kobo Arc and Kobo Aura HD are the versions they're available in; choose one as per your budget.

    That's all, folks. Do let us know if any gadget from the list made your gift list, and if it has, a picture or two of the same would be appreciated. Happy festive family time to y'all.
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorOct 28, 2013

    @#-Link-Snipped-# Great post! 😀
    I think another great gadget that should make it up to this list is the
    <a href="">Rotimatic - Fully Automatic Roti Maker From Zimplistic</a> - Fully Automatic Roti Maker From Zimplistic.
    The company claims that it's world's first machine of its kind and all you need to do is add dry atta & water and then select how many rotis you wish Rotimatic to make. The machine will then do some mechanical engineering to dish out hot Rotis ready to serve.
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorOct 30, 2013

    Anyone here bought a Diwali Gift Gadget for their family of friends?
    Share your latest purchase item details here 😀

    @[USERGROUP=4]Moderators[/USERGROUP] anyone?
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  • Ambarish Ganesh

    MemberOct 31, 2013

    I want to know whether anyone here feels as strongly as me about 3D printer as a gift. I've been searching the net for a cheap 3D printer ("cheap" being the keyword here, else I've found many that'll scar my wallet), and the overall attempt has been useless.

    If anyone has the link, or knows the source, where we can avail 3D printers for the price of a smartphone (or lesser), kindly post the link here. 😀
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