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@EDDY • 24 Jul, 2009 • 1 like
Whats the difference between CNC and NC machine and do u people know any institute which teaches CNC programming
@Aashish Joshi • 24 Jul, 2009 • 1 like In a Numerical Control machine, the program is fed to the machine through magnetic tapes or other such media. The original NC machines were essentially basic machine tools which were modified to have motors for movement along the axes.

In a Computer Numerical Controlled machine, the machies are interfaced with computers. This makes them more versatile in the sense that, suppose a change in dimension of a part is required. In a NC machine, you would have had to change the program in the tape and then feed it to the machine again. But in a CNC machine, you just change a variable in the computer and your modification is done!!

Read more here : Numerical control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
@samaira • 24 Jul, 2009 • 1 like in NC(numerical control) machine tools the part program is entered on the program tape in the form of punched holes.While in cnc machines the part program is entered into computer using input devices like keyboard, mouse,cd etc.In nc machines the tape reader forms the machine control unit.While in cnc the computer and the controller forms the machine control unit
@jhbalaji • 25 Jul, 2009 • 1 like Here's the answer for it mate

An NC machine is numerically controlled but has no memory storage and is run off of the "tape" each time the machine cycles. A CNC machine has memory storage and the program can be stored in its control.
The NC machine was the fore-runner of the modern machine tool industry but is seldom used in todays manufacturing industry.
@amisha goutam • 16 Feb, 2016 • 1 like Operating is easy in CNC machine because the input is given by keyboard and mouse whereas in NC machine input is given on tape and then the tape is inserted in the machine.
@Bala Venkat • 25 Nov, 2018 • 2 likes

A good explanatory video on this topic -

In a NC machine the programs are fed into the punch cards, whereas in a CNC machine the programs are fed directly into the computer using a keyboard.


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