Dhandha - How Gujaratis Do Business [Recommended For All Entrepreneurs]

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to become one, here's a book all of you should read : #-Link-Snipped-# . I've been through the first chapter, which narrates the story of Bhimjibhai Patel who went from rags to riches with his acumen, hardwork and patience; and let me tell you the book is a must have in your collection.

I've always appreciated the business acumen of Gujarati community. I've enough experiences to confidently say that the way they think about business is very different from what others do. No wonder there are so many Gujaratis in business - at national and international level!

If you are a Gujarati, I'd like you to tell us your secrets 😉. @#-Link-Snipped-# is one CEan who's began his own business and I'm 100% sure he's going to make it big. Harshad bhai - what's the secret?


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