Degree in Electronics Masters in Automobile

hey guys m new to this community
thought this is worth to join and ask rather than searching 100's of sites on Google

so back straight to point..
i'm completing my degree this year itself in Electronics and m planning to pursue masters in Automobile i know its bit peculiar but its my only ticket out to do something i always wanted to do...

so about the studies and all about automobile... i will cover it up... as we all know nothing is impossible for an engineer

so staring from a scratch till now i have finalized to goto Germany coz
its THE BEST for automobile masters
and it is cheap as compared to USA UK etc..
and no need for GRE
and of course the themselves provide Intern as compared to USA and AFAIK.

so m not able to decide which college should i choose coz u guys know which is best and which is better...

about my academics... well not so good like...

SSC 74%
Diploma in Electronics 78%
Degree in Electronics 52% (till 6th sem)

and for the 5 years in electronics... i lacked of information during admitting in diploma in electronics... so got stuck there... and during admitting in degree i cannot change my field to mechanical so again got stuck till now... and this is the only way out...
please help me to guide for best Automobile colleges in germany for masters..

thanx in advance


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