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satty lavanya
satty lavanya • Sep 9, 2013

DC Machines Questions & Answers

hi friends,i have a question..please give me the clear explanation...
1.A belt driven cumulative compounded dc generator is delivering power to the dc mains.if the belt snaps then the machines will run as a ........
a) cumulative compunded motor in the same direction
b)differentially compounded motor in the same direction
c) cumulative compounded motor in the opposite direction
d) differentially compunded motor in the opposite direction
Hari Prasath
Hari Prasath • Sep 12, 2013
The direction of the series field current alone changes. So the machine will run as a differential motor. Since the direction of the shunt field is the same, the direction in which the motor will run will depend on the direction of the back emf. The generated emf as generator and the back emf as motor are in the same direction. Hence the motor will continue to run in the same direction.

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