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shanky • Aug 7, 2008

Creating A Rescuebot

hello friends, 😎

I m a mech engg stud.... planning for preparing a robot which can be used for rescue purposes and which can be used by bomb diffusal squad.

So, I wanted ideas regarding how to prepare metal detectors...... ideas regarding integrating webcams in to the robots .........making the robots more flexible .........and intergating them with computers for controlling purpose........please help me........

Though it is a costlier project..... there is no budget limits.......

Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Aug 7, 2008
Hello shanky, welcome to CE!

We are actually in the midst of doing our own multifuction robot, called CE Bot. It will be controlled by a laptop, which also has a webcam connected to it. Data will be sent to a computer nearby using wireless.

Would you like to join us? Our research material is presently on this website:

Have a look through the objectives. We can easily implement metal detect sensors on it 😀

If you are interested, please join our CE Bot discussions here:

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