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Cooking Classes via Google+ Hangouts

This is just unbelievable! Again life proves to me, 'Ideas are no one's monopoly'.
I was reading an Outlook magazine article the other day about 'How Amazon targets Flipkart with Junglee', and an idea struck me: how about I create an E-commerce Web Portal to sell dance lessons. But then I got into thinking, YouTube has tons of dance tutorials and there a few dance academy websites that particularly sell their dance lessons. How would my idea standout?! Why I'm still trying to figure it out, Google surprises me by doing the same for cooking lessons.

Yeah, read on.

Here is a video:

Official website link.

PS: I have no idea if one can earn money through YouTube. Please enlighten me on this. 😁
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Feb 15, 2012
by youtube prople advertise them beacuse video is most rich content to know about other people and yes, pull traffic on their website.

Ex. before Kolaveri di, who know about Dhanush except in south india, but a song got hit of 30m in 3 days and now everyone know about him
He just kicked off his 1st bollywood debt and shooting started. when movie will realese it will be advertised as movie of that actor who sang famous song Kolaveri di.

After few days of google+ birth it became facebook of can find lots of list of photographers to follow on google+
Thanks! 😀
I should find out more about it.

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