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suryakem • Sep 27, 2006


HI THIS IS SURYA NARAYANA.BUDDHA u ppl can call me as surya. much to say abt me but there r very few to know abt me. so better quit tat programme.
i want to post some General information abt me to know the count of Chemical Engg's in this site.
*( waiting responce from chemical Engg's)

i need some help (Related to my carrer).if any one intrested to help me out plz leave a msg to my mail
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 27, 2006
Welcome to the forums, Surya. Couple of things to get started : -

1. Please avoid bigger fonts while making posts. It does not create a good impression.

2. Don't u think tht..........dis sen10ce luks ugly???.....well...u know the would look gr8......if we remove the dots......n ...write..complete..words? 😁

3. Read the Common Sense Guide developed by CEans for the CEans. The CE Common Sense Guide is available at -

4. We have a "Help Me!" section at the bottom of forums. Post your query in that section in order to seek help from fellow CEans!

-The Big K-
crazy anoop
crazy anoop • Sep 27, 2006
and here you used lots of dots😁
hahaha, well big letters will be there to attract others
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 27, 2006
Read the point#2 again, anoop.

Don't try my patience.

-The Big K-
crazy anoop
crazy anoop • Sep 27, 2006
ok lock this too,
I am using forums for 5 years...
dont insist such things among users, try to browse them freely...
just monitor whether there is miswords or adult content...else how can u create a good community...😕
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 27, 2006
I hate to argue over silly stuff. The engineer tribe is an educated community. Can't we respect the language?

The forum posts are not "sms"es which you send over your cell phone. I hope CEans will agree that posts with long trail of dots ( I fail to understand the purpose behind long trail of dots after almost every 5 words! ) look ugly.

Similarly, using "sms" equivalents for English words is no excuse. I doubt if anyone used the same language on his/her resume.

Adult/obscene content is of course not allowed. If anyone uses it, he/she will be banned with no second thought.

-The Big K-
xheavenlyx • Oct 4, 2006
You are giving unessary publicity to the kwl lang. Sms rks!

lol, .....why do I feel like doing this more now😀

after all da PubLiCity I Guess.

I know guys this can be VERY ANNOYING! try reading some wid dis language.

and well, the excessive '????????' and "!!!!!!!" anywho dont take this personally anyone! This is the lighter side of engineering, I guess. I have bad spelling and I get fired for it sometimes too! But when I post most of the time I get it filtred through Word (loll, spell check rocks!)

Take care and Have fun!


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