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computer data via radio

Question asked by jan123 in #Coffee Room on Feb 8, 2015
jan123 · Feb 8, 2015
rupam das sir,
i m in 2 nd year btech comp and we have a subject design engg in which we have to design a new product over 3 year period. i have a idea but do not know if that is practically possible.
my idea is: lots of villages nowadays have radio connections and tv and mobile phones. lots of useful data is accesible from internet. but internet is not affordable by villagers.
digital data in computer-->audio signals that can be passed through fm-->people recieve these signals via radio-->convert them back into digital data-->if it is a video we can watch it through tv else if it is any other multimedia we can view it through mobile phones.

is this project possible?
if it is possible what are the subjects and skills i will have to learn??
i m really interested in this project and i m willing to learn anything that takes to make this project (even if it is multidisciplinary)

pls reply as i have to submit project topic within this week Posted in: #Coffee Room
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Feb 8, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO
Tagging @Rupam Das .
Rupam Das
Rupam Das · Feb 9, 2015
Rank B2 - LEADER
An Idea is the most expensive thing in the world. 2000 years back in Upanishad our ancestors had provided a design for "Viman". Few of the Hindu temples have Viman architecture which looks like a rocket.

It took about 1700 years for human to realize what ancestors thought was not just dreams.

The objective to tell you the above fact is, a great ideas is called a "great idea" because it's just an idea. Nobody can tell you if it is implementable or not. What is feasible for me may not be for you and s on.

From the onset the idea looks cool.

In my long career, even I have failed in say 3% of the projects. That's a risk that will always remain with R&D. But if you do not reach to end product envisioned, you can always retract back, reiterate, redesign, make altration.

P.S: Over the years does are not the people who had talent to do but are people who knew that they would do.

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