Combined combustion and heat engine in one.

Internal combustion engines and electric fridges share a common action in that each has piston that acts compression of a gas. CO2 being the modern refrigerant gas R444 needs far less heat to achieve the expansion forces found in combusting air and fuel. The intent of the water cooling jacket is to keep all cylinders at a constant temperature. By having only one cylinder function in combustion and its heat spread across other cylinders. The injector pump may insert R774 in place of combustable fuel. By adapting the valve cam of any internal combustion engine so that the exhaust valve remains open exept for the power stroke. The engine in entirety can mimic that occuring in an electric fridge. This being cool gas is compressed into liquid before exapanding back into a gas. In place of the fridge compressor turning the gas back into liquid, the compression stroke of the internal combustion engine can be put to the same purpose. In that after the injector pump has deliverd the refrigerant into the hot cylinder and it has expanded supplying a force, the exhaust valve opens and stays open throughout the compression stroke, forcing the hot gas from the cylinder into an expansion chamber as found in the common fridge. At which point the gas cooling returns to liquid by the constent pressure hold in the cooling chamber. The liquid is then picked up by the injector pump. CAUTION- The extremely high expansion of CO2 to heat requires alteration to the injector pump capacity so far lessor ammount of liquid is delivered to a hot cylinder, this averts a very loud Whoomph and a great deal of metal parts following their own tragectory.


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    Hello guptssumeet482.
    Thank you for your interesting reply. If I be correctly reading between the lines, you may also have noticed that a piston engine requires an open valve to complete the intake stroke. Should that not be occuring then the piston is drawing back against a vacuum. To overcome this in heat engine section a gap (pipe) remains between cylinder head and expansion chamber one way valved in. This leaves a small amount of gas draw back that keeps on expanding given the vacuum caused by the down stroke of the piston. This small amount of gas is just enough to break the vacuum and is compressed back up into intoconector pipe before the exhaust valve closes. The valve cam on the heat engine side is remodelled such the intake valve never opens.

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