Certification: SQL Server or Oracle database?

Hi all,
I am interested in doing a certification leading to a DBA career.Could you please tell me which certification i should go for...SQL or oracle.
Which one is in demand in the market?
are both too different in their applications.
please tell me as much as possible about the courses....

thanks in advance


  • devesh
    can anyone please reply to my quuery??
  • bayazidahmed
    Best source: Internet

    Currently Oracle DBA is in high demand but you never know what may happen tomorrow.

    My personal opinion, learn both of them throughly but dont go for certification. I personally dont believe in commercial organizations certifying me. Currently I am at logger heads with m company management on this issue. They want me to do it, and I dont want to do it. I told them I'll go for some general education but no commercial organization shall certify me.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    I guess it depends on the certification.

    I think certain certification is quite useful for managers to assess employees. If you have gained a specific certification for a technology, employers know you are competent enough to at least do specific tasks instead of finding out the longer/harder way.

    If your company is willing to train you for free, its folly to give up that opportunity. Training materials containing specific reference books are very expensive and hard to procure.

    Plus, it'll force you to learn within a short period of time in high priority, compared to learning a technology in your own time. Some companies do lessen the workload (or give paid days off for studying) for employees undergoing an industry related certification.
  • grayhat
    hai dude,your qustion was wrong beacause sql is an language but oracle is ancompiler. di you asked sql or oracle
    for example:
    if language c/c++ means,turbo,dev,borlands are compilers
    if sql is an language means, oracle,mysql are compilers it means integrated developer environement(ide)ok well.
    i think & most of them think oracle is best beacause its more secured,easy and flexibility,if you doubt go an search the "difference between oracle and my sql.
    tank you for reading

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