• Kaustubh

    MemberDec 21, 2008

    CE: Write To Win Contest!


    Here is your chance to start 2009 with a big bang! All you have to do is to think and write an article on any of the following categories & win an eye-blinding, awesome, personalized CE T-Shirt! :-

    1. Engineers against terrorism.
    2. Future of transportation.
    3. The problem(s) I'd love to solve (as an engineer).

    1. You may choose to write on any number of topics. There is no limit to the length of article.
    2. While submitting*, you may choose your own title for your article.
    3. The articles must be written in English, without using short forms of words (SMS text).
    4. Remember: Your audience is international.
    5. Questions/Queries related to the contest can be posted here - #-Link-Snipped-#
    Or mailed to admin [at] crazyengineers [dot] com.

    1. You must submit the article as a new post in our Announcements/Articles Discussions section, in the following format:

    Content: -

    [Ex. Take a look at following article - #-Link-Snipped-# ]

    Deadline for article submission: 31 December 2008.

    Deciding the winner:
    For this contest, you will decide the the winner! How?

    1. Between the period Jan 01, 2009 - Jan 10, 2009, we will leave the articles open for our viewers for reading & commenting. No new articles will be accepted during this period.
    2. The article that get most commentors will be the winners in their categories. The quality of comments matter. Spammers won't be counted.
    3. The CE Core team [Admin/Mod/Editors/Ambassadors] may select additional winners if a brilliant article does not get enough response. So don't worry.

    There will be one winner in each category.


    Each winner will get an awesome, personalized CE T-Shirt and international fame. We'll publish your article & name on CE's front page.
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

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