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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Nov 19, 2011

CE Grand Quiz Question #18

The 18th Question of the CE Grand Quiz Contest is as follows -

[Worth 15 CE Coins]


You can see flags of 36 different countries in the picture above.
Your question for today is to name 12 countries among these that have something in common & tell us what the common link is.

Hint - There are exactly 2 countries in each row and column that share the common trait.
Fastest to answer correctly wins!
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Nov 19, 2011
The incumbent heads of the ruling regime!
Mr.Don • Nov 19, 2011
[TABLE="class: grid, width: 20, align: left"]
[TD]United States of America[/TD]
[TD]Hong Kong[/TD]
[TD]New Zeland[/TD]
[TD]Unknown Contry !![/TD]

I didn't found any thing in common and form my observation I found that for the flags with the country name labelled in red font contains a separate star(s) in their flags. So, My answer is the link between these nations is they contain star(s) alone in their flags.

Philippines and Australia, two countries in first row. United States if America and chile in second column. Hong Kong and New Zeland in the 3rd Row. Vietnem and Brazil in 4th column. Liberia and Honduras in the 5th row. Singapore and Ghana in the 6th row. 😀 So condition also satisfied. 😁

P.S: Country names are labelled respectively to flags image.
12 of these countries are

Philippines (R1, C2)
Canada (R1, C5)
Bulgaria (R2, C1)
USA (R2, C2)
Slovakia (R3, C3)
Repbulic of Macedonia (R3, C5)
Namibia (R4, C5)
Liberia (R5, C1)
Bahamas (R5, C3)
Crotia (R5, C4)
Serbia (R6, C5)
Ghana (R6, C6)

Common Thing: No enforced conscription for military services for these countries.


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