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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 4, 2008

CE Anti-Pollution Squad - Join In!


Being an engineers community, we are special. God created nature and we filled it with stuff. Unfortunately, we are the ones directly/indirectly responsible for polluting the atmosphere - do you agree?

Time has come to undo the things that went wrong. I believe, the Crazy Engineers can very well fight pollution together. Before we take the things official, I want to know how many of us are willing to join the CE Anti-Pollution squad.

The squad will -

1. Take preventive measures against all types of pollutions in - air,water,noise, soil etc.

2. Educate and motivate other CEans / Friends/ Family Members to join the anti-pollution squad.

3. Discuss various ways of combating pollution with CEans.

4. Actively discuss/share experiences with the rest of the world through CE Forums.

I believe we can do it. We're starting small - but we'll be persistent until the squad evades the planet.

Now, I want to know -

1. How many of you are willing to join in? Say "AYE" (all caps) in your reply . [Serious members only]
2. What do you think about this initiative?
3. How do we go about making this initiative successful?
4. Any free form comments, ideas are welcome. [​IMG]

( Consider this initiative as our another step in making the world a better place to live )

[I'm expecting lot of response. Don't disappoint me, please!]
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 4, 2008
Re: CE Anti-Pollution Sqad - Join In!

I'll set the ball rolling:-

Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Aug 5, 2008
Re: CE Anti-Pollution Sqad - Join In!

AYE! *salutes*

I just read a post by Geoceceo here ( Quite inspiring 😀
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Aug 5, 2008
Re: CE Anti-Pollution Sqad - Join In!


I would like you guys to visit this blog Watts Up With That? If this initiative is to go leaps and bounds, we can get this experienced guy on CE.

PS: Have you deliberately written Sqad? It should be Squad actually.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 5, 2008
Re: CE Anti-Pollution Sqad - Join In!


I would like you guys to visit this blog Watts Up With That? If this initiative is to go leaps and bounds, we can get this experienced guy on CE.

PS: Have you deliberately written Sqad? It should be Squad actually.
😔 Mea Culpa. Its Squad. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

I checked out the link. We may invite him to share few tips, tricks, do/don't with us.

So we are three in the squad now. I'm positive that we'll get more CEans to join this initiative.
gohm • Aug 5, 2008
Count me in!
Norvicute • Aug 21, 2008

hmmm.... banner might help and link it to our "my space" account, etc.

proud to be

Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Sep 6, 2008
AYE i am in.....................

i was a active member for antipolution team in my school days 😔
not now a days lets get chance here
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 7, 2008
Oh well, you could then tell us few of the activities you were involved in.
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Sep 7, 2008
yes biggie here in my school days we ppl gone to the each village of our district and make one presentation there that you village ppl have to keep your pound clean and also you have to keep clean your home and the most efficient thing is that we clean the house of some ppl and give them lesson that you have to keep clean your home why the other ppl take care for you....

will pour more later...
Lock-Os • Oct 22, 2008

I'm ready to help anyway I can. I'm just a starting engineer, but I'm still ready to jump into the fray.

I actully have some ideas right now, mostly revolving around salvaging parts from machines that can't be repaired before throwing them away & using good old clockwork mechanics driven by pendulums and springs to replace some more advanced power consuming devices.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 22, 2008
We did not receive enough response here. Lock Os, please share your ideas with us.
Yeah, gears and solenoids from old parts would be very useful for some crazy new projects 😀
Lock-Os • Oct 23, 2008
Well, I was thinking the salvage concept could be turned into either a home project so that people could get parts to use to repair broken items, or on a larger scale as a business model where the business could obtain broken or unwanted electronics / machines. Take apart the devices and salvage whatever undamaged parts they can find, recycle the useless stuff and store / sell the still useful parts after they are checked out.

Eventually, if they could gather enough surplus parts, they could potentially repair broken devices people want repaired or repair unwanted devices and sell them. Maybe if they somehow gather enough parts or are getting to many of a certain kind, they could even start producing their own products.

Of course, I think that that has already been done. What could be done next is to make a global parts network so that people could exchange much needed parts. Of course, the parts should have to meet some kind of standard. I know it isn't going to be good as it originally was, but it should at least be able to preform under normal daily stresses for a good while before breaking.

Other than that, I'd like to see this become more mainstream, sort of like Radio Shack or a hometown hardware store. Not located in some industrial park, but maybe in a mall or shopping area more welcoming to the average person. Hopefully, by opening this up to the general public, it would increase the amount of useful parts staying in the market rather than going straight to the junkyard.

Yeah, gears and solenoids from old parts would be very useful for some crazy new projects 😀
I can't tell you how many times I've got frustrated over NOT finding mechanical parts in the things I've dissembled. It sounds odd, but a lot of things nowadays are nearly pure electrical, at least in regards to appliances and things found in the home. It's odd to find anything with a single gear in it nowadays. Most things seem to be driven right off the motor. Of course this does save resources. Although, I kinda wished at least the motor mounting wasn't also a part of the outer shell on most things. It's kinda hard to use something without a mounting.
Keep a look out for old inkjet printers and fans. Though they have mostly plastic gears.. as long as they are strong and their dimensions are accurate, they can be used 😀

I'm thinking of using an old vacuum cleaner for something. Its still working, so I'll just wait till it dies off. A big concern is the huge power requirement, noise and heat dissipation! Maybe we can use it for air ventilation/filtering in the house?

In the near future, major manufacturers plan to recycle their own used products and use the materials for new products. I believe this is called "upcycling", where the value of the new product is higher that the pre-recycled used products. I guess this is a good concept!
durga ch
durga ch • Nov 2, 2008
AYE!!! 😀

reducing air pollution:

one of the easiest ways is by educating people about using public and shared transport.

Instead of every member of a afamily using thier own means of transport, they can drive in one car/bike (depending on number of peopl!)together this will not only reduce traffic but as well reduce pollution.

As well, making them relaise about healthy means of travelling -using bicycles!!
if the distance is less thna a kilometre!! have a pleasant stroll , wlak go and come!!

if you need to travel a bit more use a bicycle... instead of your bike/car...

if you are alergic to public transaports... you can always use them when there is no much rush!!! in that way you dont have to travel evrytime by public transport.. but still you would be contributing a litlle to save PLANET EARTH!!!

reducing the CRC emissions by using power efficient refridgerators...

three wheels cannot be banned, as they form bothmeans of transport and means of living, instead they can be made fuel efficeint and instaed of petroleum , fuel gas / bio fuels can be developed.

I am not sure of type of resources needed for growing biofule plants, but i still beleive a lot of barren and un used land can be utilised this way...
friendster7 • Nov 24, 2008
"AYE"--me too..
syedaafaq • Dec 18, 2008

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