CDAC Official centre vs Authorized Training Centres

I live in Pune, on CDAC site I saw there official training centre is in University of Pune and then there are what they call 'Authorized Training Centres'(Sunbeam, infoway, Knowledge IT, etc). I want to know if there is any difference in terms of teaching & placement between these two centres.

I have few more doubts regarding these Authorized Training Centres:
1) What is the procedure to take admission in these centres, is it same as official centre ie through C-CAT or is it simply pay the fees & take admission thing.
2) Is the fees same as official centres ie 80k-90k?
3) Can students of these centres participate in Common Campus Placement Program(CCPP)?
4) Will projects, assignments & exams be the same as official centres?
5) Lastly, are these centres any good or should I take admission only if I get Official centre?


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