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Question asked by Sourabh Singhai in #Career Help on Apr 24, 2016
Sourabh Singhai
Sourabh Singhai · Apr 24, 2016
Hiii Sir,
My name is Sourabh Singhai, I have done my B.tech(ET&T) in 2012, After that I was being with my father for 4 year, And now I want to make my career in IT field.
Plz help me out me becoz I really don't know where do I start... Posted in: #Career Help
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Apr 24, 2016
Rank A1 - PRO
Please take time and efforts to describe your situation completely so that we don't waste time in asking questions just to understand it properly.

1. What kind of work did you do with your father? I guess you joined your family business. Was it related to IT?

2. If yes, what technologies did you work on?

3. Do you have any certifications, formal training in any programming language, software tool?

4. Have you done a survey of possible career options you have? If yes, what fields do you think are the ones that look promising to you?

5. Are there any IT companies in your city / town? Have you approached them yet?

6. Have you made up your mind to make a career in IT or you're open to new career avenues?

7. What are the specific reasons that you want IT and not E&TC, which is your engineering branch of graduation?

and so on. If you take efforts to ask your question properly, we'll be able to offer better suggestions.
Sourabh Singhai
Sourabh Singhai · Apr 24, 2016
Yes Sir, you are right I joined my family business which is nowhere related to IT field or any technical field. And I don't have any certificate in IT field but I want to be in this field by any how.

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