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syedaafaq • Mar 9, 2009

Career Choice: Defense or IT?

help me....
which one is better????
1. flying or technical officer in defense-air force.


2. software engineer in a IT industry.
Re: defense or IT......?????

Your career depends on your interest.

But if you ask my opinion i am 2 but go for 1 .
(strictly my opinion) if we are doing something for ones country its worth living.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 9, 2009
Re: defense or IT......?????

I second E-S. Both the fields you mentioned are not related. You'd know the answer.
syedaafaq • Mar 9, 2009
i too thought the same that it would be better to join in defense..... but they follow a strict bond of 20 years.... so we cant come out casually.... and regarding the job of software engineer, its a little bit unstable job... i am very much confused.....
gohm • Mar 9, 2009
I agree with others that they are very different. Also, the AF here anyways, you do not get to choose what aspect you do. Many people join the AF wanting to be a pilot, few are. Having flight experience will greatly increase your odds before joining.

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