Canonical's Ubuntu Edge Will Change The Computer World ?

Ubuntu Edge : Where Two Worlds Meet. ,the dream phone for every geek. Canonical's Ubuntu Edge can dual-boot Latest Android & Ubuntu Touch OS. (Canonical was working on this since January 2012).
Moreover, the phone will transform into the PC when docked with monitor i.e Full Ubuntu Desktop with Full access of Phone files, this is the reason why Ubuntu-Edge's hardware is better than any phone available on Earth : 4GB RAM & 128 GB SSD.

Soon many companies will be launching Dual-boot phones, maybe Android & Firefox, Firefox & Tizen, Tizen & Jolla, etc. (many probabilities).
Dock the phone with monitor & turn it to PC. Hence portable PC + Smartphone with 2 OS all rolled up in one gadget, isn't that revolutionary ?
Do you think, this move by Canonical will bring massive change to Computer world ?

Share your opinion.


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal

    No one interested in debating on Computer-world-changing technology ? 😨

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