27 Oct 2008

Can we check how useful our posts are..?

Hey Biggi/Mods,

Can we use some technology where a user can give credit to the post.

For example If I posted something, everybody on the CE will have a right to give thumbs up or thumbs down to it.

The more the thumbs up would be, more the credit the person will get. This will refrain users from spamming, and users will motivate to post useful posts.

At the end of the month/quarter the person with most credits... (except Biggi and mods) will get a free gift.

what say?
Janta, your votes to it?

- 😁 Crazy Boy
10 years ago
You're talking about points/reputation system. There's also a 'Thank You' mod available.

We may introduce the points/reputation system. If its necessary.

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