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    c++ program

    [h=2][​IMG] c++ program[/h]
    can anybody write me a program on thoughtworks placement ques in c++
    inventory control system.Two countries have inventory with 100 ipods in it. ipod is available in two countries brazil and argentina. in brazil it costs $100 and in argentina it costs $50. also in case if one countary imports from other extra $400 has to be paid per 10 units. the inventory of ipod availabe in each country is 100 units each. so you have to develop a program that show the optimized cost. for ex: you palce order for 10 ipods in brazil - it costs 100x10=$1000. in case u import from argentina it costs 10x$50+$400=$600. or if order is placed for eg.120 units 100 can be sold from the same country and the rest 20 has to be imported. that way u haveto check all the possible combination and show only the best one also the output should be in the format as : : ; ​
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