Budget Graphics Card advice

Hey CEans!
I plan to get a graphics card for my home computer, but Im on a very tight budget (around $70). Im currently aiming to get the Nvidia 7300GT DDR3 256MB. Do you think this card can last for a while? My previous card was.. hmm.. no card 😛 it was just an integrated intel gfx.

Any ATI graphics cards that are around the same budget but can perform better?

If things work out, I'd get the Orange Box game too.. 5 games in 1! Can the 7300GT handle it well?

Thanks in advanced 😉


  • mahul
    i don't think a low budget graphics card can actually survive very long with gaming companies beginning 2 believe that consumers are all billionaires...still i luv ati graphics cards......i feel they perform lot better and yes u can get 1 at the same price.try a 512 mb card
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Haha, thats kinda true. Have you seen the requirements for the Crysis game? insane man. But Half-Life 2 games are more lenient for older systems.. so im gambling that Episode 3 (when it comes out) would still run well on budget cards.
  • mahul
    best of luck 2 u.......we'll find out soon......by the way have u tried blood money??with full graphics options??

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