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RAGUPATHIRAJA • Feb 23, 2015


Project Abstract / Summary : The proposed system is to save life from the bore wells. Small children without noticing the hole dug for the bore well and slipped in and get trapped. Since the holes are dug too deep it is quite impossible to save the life of small child.

The fire force and medical team find it difficult to rescue children due to unknown levels of humidity, temperature and oxygen in the depths of the bore well. Rescue work can be a long drawn affair lasting close to thirty hours. The time taken is long enough to kill a precious life. Even if rescued the child may die due to injuries sustained.

This has created an open challenge to the field of medicine, rescue and the whole human society. To aid in such rescue we have proposed a system that will easily rescue within sort team of time and without any major injury. By that a precious life can be saved, hardly twenty more incidents happened from 2004 to till date. In this method, the child can be lifted by using spike rods and it can be operated by using a motor. While lifting the child, outer cover is used to prevent the injuries. Camera, monitor, speaker are used to know the child’s position in the bore-well. It is used for any type of boundary conditions. By using our method, the child from the bore-well can be easily lifted with a sort time. It is more effective method compared to normal rescue operations.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Now a days, the water is the most expensive one in the world because of decreasing the underground water level in the earth. so, we need of water for surveying the life, number of bore-well being sunk. Bores which yielded water and subsequently got depleted are left uncovered and is not protected properly by humans. most of the peoples in our country are lazy to save the environment. In the same mistakes are developed in maintaining the bore-wells in the proper condition. In India, there are more kids are trapped in bore-well, because of people's carelessness. That is the reason, we took the topic "BORE-WELL RESCUE SYSTEM". Forty five deaths of children have been reported in the country since September 2001. It is mainly for saving the kids in the bore-well. In our project can be used to rescue the child from the bore-well with a minimum time by using a spike rod mechanisms. The mechanisms can be operated by a motor. Camera, speaker, oxygen supply are used to know the child’s position in the bore-well. This can be used to rescue the child with any type of position in the bore-well. It is more effective project to rescue the child compared to manual rescue method. In manual method, the child can be rescued but died. By implementing our project, the child can rescue safely from the bore-well. It is based on environmental purpose. This system is very useful for rescuing the child. The Future scope is "The simplest and the best way to avoid these accidents is to close the bore wells", but this doesn’t happens every time & everywhere.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Participating Team From: Final Year

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