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@Ammar Aziz • 26 May, 2011
Dear friends ,
as we know that engineering drawing has a major role in mechanical engineering. as a student i suggest you to post all the books related engineering drawing and graphics (pdf format ) in this thread for the betterment of us.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 26 May, 2011 Hey Ammar,
We cannot upload it here. It is against copy right act manytimes. Instead we can post the links from where we can download these books. But anyways once I will get books which are free to share, I will upload them here. 😀

Download Free Ebooks » Engineering. Here is one.

One suggestion, we can add sites which will give books not only machine drawing but also of other subjects.

Anyways nice job dude. 😀 😀 😀
@gohm • 26 May, 2011 Please make sure you are familar with this thread before posting.
@Ammar Aziz • 14 Jun, 2011 good !!!!!!!!
@saimriyaz • 19 Jun, 2011 Manual of Engineering Drawing - Other » Ebooks - Torrent Download | Bitsnoop

This is torrent torrent from site mention above,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and download it using bit torrent software
@zubairahmed • 25 Jun, 2011 its better if you go for a book.. by an indian writer N.D Butt's Engineering Drawing. Its a popular book among indian engineers..
@Saijayadeep • 25 Jun, 2011 i suggest you to go for "engineering graphics"by venugopal and "engineering graphics"by ramesh babu eg book by ramesh babu you can see a pictorial representation of every problem......go any one of these twoit will be comfortable.all the best😁
@ISHAN TOPRE • 25 Jun, 2011 @Zubairahmed: Perhaps you are suggesting N.D. Bhatt (and not N.D. Butt) and V. M. Panchal😀

@RVignesh • 25 Jun, 2011 book by ps gill is also very good

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