Book for Computer Organisation

Could anybody plz suggest a source of very comprehensive material on Computer Organisation.esp for GATE prep. ?


  • djnachi
    Hello Zeba,

    Study material for Computer Organisation I would rather suggest the book Computer Architecture & Organisation by J.P.Hayes..
    Also check out for the book by Morris Borne. Well am not sure but I guess both the books either belong to the Tata McGraw Hill or Prientice Hall Publication and are quite readily available in the market.
    Best of luck!

    Dj Nachi.😛
  • zubeir
    Hi zeba i m zubeir tell me more about c-book
  • niraj.kumar
    well ,

    You all can find good books on computer subject on #-Link-Snipped-#.
    If you need any specific book then let me know
  • ankur8819
    MAy be COMPUTER Architecture and organisation By Moris Mano...

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