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Bon app: Smartphone-controlled Robot cooks up a storm

Here is one for the couch potatoes. A pair of skilled hands that cook up a meal. What has not been told is that there may be a RoboTum to eat what is cooked.
Bon app: Smartphone-controlled Robot cooks up a storm
GAYTHRI.G • Dec 29, 2015
the project is interesting. can u guide me to do this project
I'm afraid that you are way off base. I know very little about robotics, though the group I work for uses a lot of robots in manufacture and my wife will shoe me out if I go to the kitchen. Even the local stray dogs turned up their noses at what I tried to cook for them. So I'm no good at cooking either.
I am sure there are a lot of CEans here who may be able to help you.
Akhil C Joy
Akhil C Joy • Dec 29, 2015
Hi All,

If you want any assistance for robotic session (Regarding Hardware, structure and all), I will help you.

But literally I dont know about API interface. But you can use dtmf code or Wifi tethering to control the robot.

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