Bharati Indian Polar Station @ Antarctica Commissioned

Bharathi Indian Polar Station at Antarctica, a cool 27,000 sq.ft workspace constructed using shipping containers has been commissioned by India's National Center For Antarctic & Ocean Research. The station will allow the researchers to carry out their operations in a safe working environment despite the ruthless weather conditions, typical in Antarctica. Bharati is India's third research station, one of the two active bases; the other one being Maitri. It's also ensured that India's among the only 9 nations in the world to have a research base at Antarctica.


The rules of the Antarctic Treaty System require that any research facility constructed in the region should be designed in such a way that it can be completely disassembled and removed from the landscape without leaving any traces.

Bharati's remote location and restricted access to resources require it to be designed in such a way that it's self-sufficient for longer durations of time. It should also be able to handle extreme, punishing weather conditions which include storms at 300+ kmph and temperatures going up to 40 degree C below the freezing point.


The base has 3 floors, all constructed using about 134 containers. The containers were interlocked and were covered with an insulated skin. These containers were prefabricated in Germany and then shipped to the location where they were assembled in a short summer time in Antarctica. The third floor as AC systems and terrace while the second floor is mainly residential offering 24 single and double rooms. The facility also includes a kitchen, dining room, reading room, library, fitness center, dedicated office-spaces, a lounge and an operating theater.

The first floor is dedicated to all the experiments and workshop. During the summer time, the base will host about 47 of India's top researchers while during the winter, the count will shrink to about 24.


Bharati Polar Station will be powered by a Combined Heat & Power aka CHP plant which uses Kerosene as a fuel. There are three backup units which ensure that in case of failures, the inhabitants are protected.

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