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@N.Gowtham Raj • 14 May, 2011
Help me out to study .... Which is the Best book to study Basics of Mechanical Engineering
@ISHAN TOPRE • 17 May, 2011 No one, you will need to study from different books. there are a lot of thermodynamics. The books differ in different approaches taken. Some focus on problems, some on theory etc. You will have to choose the one which you feel easy.

For thermodynamics I have P.K.Nag, Domkundwar. For heat transfer I refer Cengel. For theory of machines I have Shigley.
@yadavundertaker mohit • 18 May, 2011 there are lots of books according to your requirement....if you want to clear the exams then go for RK JAIN objective book and for basic concepts regular course books are useful and also on CE maximum of your doubts will be cleared...ishu's threads are good for brushing your basic concepts
@Abhishek Upmanyu • 22 May, 2011 for the work shop purpose WORK SHOP TECHONOLOGY VOL 1 AND 2 BY S.L AND A.K .HAJRA CHAUDHARY
@Animesh Satle • 22 May, 2011 dr.kirpal singh vol 1&2 and sir gillespie

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