Benefit of CAD Designing for Chemical Engineers

Hello mam,
I am a final year chemical engg student. Just wanted to know how cad designing would be beneficial as i wanted to go for designing, since i am a girl so there is no scope in production line. I m really confused please advice me something. Hope to get reply from u soon.


  • chemind
    May be its too late to respond, but i think i can flash some light on this view about CAD designing. If you are a chemical engineer, computer aided design which is mainly concerned with mechanical stuff can be helpful in design equipment and piping works. where few advanced process industries will be recruit them for example a Schlumberger service company ask for a cad designer(mechanical engineers).

    But if you can learn and master matlab and aspen plus software, they help you lot. As you can get option as process engineer even if your a girl. so that you can simulate and optimize the process parameter for efficient and safe plant operation.

    hope i could reach you with few.

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