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BEEBOX : A New Secure And Flexible Personal Workspace

Question asked by Pensu in #Coffee Room on Jan 24, 2013
Pensu · Jan 24, 2013
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Before starting a new business, first thing you need is a place to set up your office. Buro Beehive have come up with a new idea that can help you to transform disused buildings into a flexible workspace. BEEBOX, described as complete workspace is secure, mobile self-contained one or two person office.
BEEBOX doesn't need any prerequisite for installation. It doesn't have any special electrical requirements except the socket you plug it into. BEEBOX, is made up of two units, a working space for one or two persons with built in lighting and a storage space with cupboards. You can also lock up the two units. It can be enclosed in a perforated steel enclosure with a dimension of 200cm * 90cm * 160cm.
According to Beehive, the best thing about BEEBOX is that it can change any place into a fully functional workspace. There is no need for expensive accessories. It also gives you enough space to work freely. Beehive has installed twenty BEEBOXes at Cruquiusweg 146-B at Amsterdem for demonstration purpose. If you are in Amsterdam, Beehive will let you try it for free for one day. The rental price of BEEBOX is US$340 per month.
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