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Backpack That Can Store And Charge Your Laptop

Question asked by Abhijit Dey in #Coffee Room on Feb 13, 2013
Abhijit Dey
Abhijit Dey · Feb 13, 2013
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Backpacks always have been used for storage with not much of innovation into it, but recently, someone has developed a way of having a backpack store and charge a laptop both simultaneously.
The North Face, which makes mountaineering and hiking gears, has come up with a new Surge II Charged DayPack, which can carry your laptop and charge it while inside. Not only can it charge a laptop, it can charge any USB-powered hardware. The Surge II has a built in removable battery pack, which is stashed away in one of the three sections inside the backpack. The other two sections include the laptop/tablet compartment and a central area. The laptop area can accommodate a 17 inch laptop and also there is a sleeve to store a tablet.

The backpack offers a lot of pockets on the outside. There is considerable padding for protection of the laptop getting knocked around. The battery pack consists of a 5.5 ounce, 5 V, 13 Wh lithium polymer battery. The company claims that the battery pack can charge a smartphone twice, or give a full charge to a tablet or digital camera.

The backpack is great in carrying heavy loads, without putting much strain on the shoulders. Downside would be the considerably less padding for protection. Ignoring that, this backpack is perfect for an adventure out into the woods.

Source: Wired
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