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I'm amazed to see that when an autorun file is deleted from pendrive(usually containing virus info) it gets recovered automatically. I want to know that why does this happen and how does this happen so that we can protect our important files from being accidentally deleted.
same is when we delete cmd.exe file from c:\windows\system32 folder.
Please answer.
I think this happens when you format your pendrive..or simply delete it
am i right?
I think this happens when you format your pendrive..or simply delete it
am i right?
no,i think his question is when we delete that file ,it auto recovers so want to know is there any method to autorecover the file.isn't?
Guttu • Nov 12, 2009
In case of Pendrive, the virus executable file contains the autorun file. The virus executable keeps on checking if the autorun file is deleted. When you delete the file, it extracts the autorun file from the exe.

In case of cmd.exe, It's a system file. Windows creates a cache of the system files and a system services monitors the core system files. If the file gets deleted or changed in unauthorized manner then the service copies the file from the cache.
Guys you all are right but i want to know that is there any way like this so that we can prevent user/own files from being accidentally deleted.
callyD • Nov 15, 2009
If you have lost an important program or system file, System Restore may be able to help. And there are also tools which will give you deletion attempt notification that notifies you of any attempt to delete any of the protected files
sarveshgupta • Nov 15, 2009
Just don't delete the file using shift + del

it is already provided that when you delete a file it goes to recycle bin from where it can be easily recovered

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