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@AKSHAY ROHOKALE • 07 Mar, 2015

Project Abstract / Summary : In the previous days, the separation and counting of coins was done manually. It was tedious and monotonous job. It need extra man power and spends valuable time. Being a manual process, it has its own limitations. It lacks accuracy.

A coin sorter is a machine that sort mixed coins into their separate denomination using either mechanical or manual process. Coin sorters are used by wide variety of business who deals with mixed coin such as charity, because its saves time compared with doing manually.

The machine available present situation sort mixed coins on the fact that each coin is slightly of different size and so if coin passed over holes of varying size the coins will drop through in a specific order. In the modern scenario, there is no fix diameter size of the same value coin, so the available machines are not convenient.

The machine is unable to separate the coins of different values with same size. To make the system based on the image sensor hence the machine can separate the mixed coins, and count the coins automatically with the help of Image Recognition sensors in minimum interval of time with minimum manpower and high accuracy which makes which makes the work more reliable.

Being based on the image sensors our proposed system can separate coins of different values as well as different size through its image. Counting the coins is special feature of proposed system. 

It is also helpful to separate foreign currency which makes the work more reliable. Because of using image sensors, system is fully automatic and useful at any circumstances and changes such as change in the material of coin, shape of coin, weight of coin, colour of coin in future.

This machine is mainly useful for sorting and counting the various charities in the society. This system consist of hopper, Image sensor, Conveyor, Belt, Actuator, Compartment and stepper motor etc. as major component. Hopper used to make one layer of coin from bunch of mixed coins. The conveyor and belt are used for convey the coins from hopper towards image sensor.

The image sensor catches the image of that coin and sends to a controller of a system which compares the image with already saved in memory of system. The controller actuates the actuator to push that coin into right compartment. The stepper motor is for the movement of compartments. Along with this operation the controller can also count the different value coins. For above operation MATLAB software is used. This machine can used for sorting the coins in the malls, banks, retailers, vending companies, car parks etc.

As the machine is based on the image sensor it is also helpful in Casinos for separating the tokens. The proposed system is useful to sort and the count according to the value of the coin of same diameter as well as different diameter. For this operation no need of skilled operator required. System does the work with less manpower and high accuracy with minimum error.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : In bank, temples, super markets coins are collected in huge quantity which is in the mixed form. Separation and counting is done manually. It is a tedious and monotonous job. It needs extra manpower and our valuable time. Being a manual process, it has its own limitation. It lacks accuracy.

Present date, coins are sorted on the basis of diameter and weight.But in modern scenario there is no fix diameter of same value coin. So available machine are useless. The machine is unable to separate the coin of different value. Hence we cannot sort the coin on the basis of diameter. To overcome above limitation, we select the topic " Automatic Coin Separator Machine by using Image Sensor" as final year project.

We get idea of above limitation from "Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan". At shirdi, the process of coin separating and counting done by conventional as well as manually. So we decided to implement the automation for coin separating and counting process. Hence we select the topic " Automatic Coin Separator Machine by using Image Sensor" as final year project.

By using the proposed machine, the process of coin separating and counting will fast and error free, This machine will be used by wide variety of business who deals with mixed coins such as charities, because it will saves the time compare with doing it manually. Hence for coin sorting and counting automatically with high accuracy and minimum interval of time such system is needed.we select the topic " Automatic Coin Separator Machine by using Image Sensor" as final year project.

According to our survey, such system is not present. To make the coin separating and counting process automatic we select this project.

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation


Institute/College Name: Sanjivani College Of Engineering Kopargaon

City: Kopargaon

State: Maharashtra

Participating Team From: Final Year

@varad mahajan • 20 Jul, 2018

I am interested in this topic . Can you please send me some advice for this project.send the reply... Soon

@saandeep sreerambatla • 22 Jul, 2018

Great idea! All the very best. If you need any help in image identification let us know here.


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