• arnab321

    MemberAug 23, 2008

    audio transformers

    im trying to do this project 9 Ways to Transmit Audio With a Laser Pen - wikiHow

    but im unsure of the transformer to use. i went to the store n asked 4 "an audio output transformer". the dealer said "what transformer?". n he gave me a 6-0-6 volt transformer, said that he does not have other transformers.

    well, i used my multimeter to test the resistance.
    in that transformer, on the side where 2 wires r coming, its 1.7kohm

    on the other side where 3 wires r coming, if i connect the 2 outside yellow wires to the multimeter, it shows 14 ohm.

    if i connect the middle green wire to either of the yellow wires, the resistance is 7.4 ohm.

    now, how do i use this transformer in the project at 9 Ways to Transmit Audio With a Laser Pen - wikiHow ?
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  • shadeslayer

    MemberAug 23, 2008

    before asking for any transformer you shoul know basically which transformer you need??

    so first try to find out the characteristics of your needed transformer and then try to find it in the market because the people who are selling it dont know what it is used for they just know characteristics not application,

    and yeh if u stay in mumbai (India) then i can tell you where you can get the transformer you want
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