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crook • May 12, 2007

Aroma transfer - is it possible?

Lot of innovation has been done but I wonder not anyone thought about this! I am starting this thread to discuss if it is possible to transfer smell from one place to another. If yes, how? If not, why?

I hope you all will enjoy posting on this thread and coming up with crazy ideas on how to make it possible!

no_atkt • May 12, 2007
well im sorry to disappoint u but aroma of flowrs and taste of chocolates can already be felt using a computer and an added hardware

Digital Scent

cant find the chocolate tasting link now 😎
th3 ied kid
th3 ied kid • May 12, 2007
well i think smell is as good a chemistry as physics it is!
a computer might do a spectral analysis of given object/sample and then relate it to the chemistry of smell and sensation and then this gives rise to a particular code getting generated and then this code gets mailed to you and this code gets decoded and the particular smell is re-generated with a prestored chemical and the requisite smell is thus transfered!
This works coz each smell has a chemical associated with a chemical composition and this triggers the sesation to our brains and hence the feel!Well i've got very little chemistry knowldge and this idea i constructed with the elemental knowldge and this could be wrong as well so please edit this ......
rawnaveen • Aug 7, 2007
yeah dude iSmell device developed by digiscents serves the same purpose
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 7, 2007
I searched for 'ismell' and following link showed up -

Check it out πŸ˜€

-The Big K-
rosh009 • Aug 7, 2007
hey!biggie! itz a cool article. 😎
but for it to come into reality will take another five years or so i guessπŸ˜”
actually! ismell is a next generation version of e-nose/smart nose which is almost into defence technology now like replacing sniffers[dogs].

and also, this ISMELL is definitely going to land up as an addition to the current OMNI-THEATRE. those who have been to germmany or even those residing in germanywill know about it!

omni-theatre is a mind-boggling 3-D movie theatre where in the chairs move synchronously to that of a pilot in the cockpit of a fighter plane , during a rat scene , a thread made of rat-tail like material comes out of nowhere to touch ur legs , and many more.
and this ISMELL[once into market] is just going to take this OMNI-THEATRE to a different level of experience!😁

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