• Sarathkumar


    MemberSep 8, 2013

    Armadillo- future concept of cars?

    Armadillo-T-folding-electric-car-2 Yeah you are correct.Armadillo is a word that describes "little Armoured one".I saw that small adorable car in the newspaper and I am her to share it with you."Armadillo-T" electric car made in South Korea will park itself and fold nearly in half, freeing up space in crowded cities. The car has come up up some interesting facts that it can run tirelessly for 100km if the car was charged for 10 minutes.It as a top speed of 60km/h.When you want to park the vehicle , It can fold like a armadillo and contract to a size of 1.65inches.This car was made by group of people from Korea Advanced institute of Science and Technology. To add more spice to the car following are the highlights of the car:
    *Self parking
    *Windows based computer controlled system
    *driver can sync the car to his smartphone
    *No rear camera-Instead they fitted a tiny camera on the back and display the video on the dashboard monitor.
    Refer the pictures to get a idea of its working.
    379916330 url
    A live video demonstration of the working of this prototype has been viewed through youtube by over 7,80,000 times by the people.
    Do you think that this concept is feasible in Indian Automobile sector?

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