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@Preethi Raman • 03 Jan, 2009
Do we use VLSI in medical applications also ????If so please refer,what the applications are???
@shadeslayer • 04 Jan, 2009 i am making project related to it 😀

we use VLSI tech. in making various machines we use in hospitals and other madical applications also 😀
@Preethi Raman • 04 Jan, 2009 various machines????is it like scanning machines or do we use it in surgery????
@shadeslayer • 04 Jan, 2009 a small example would b medicine storage ,, u need to b very precise about tempreture ,,, in surgery also
@shadeslayer • 04 Jan, 2009 i mean in surgery u need high resolution so u dont cut anything wrong ,,
@sauravgoswami • 04 Jan, 2009 well VLSI can be used to make specialiced chips which can say help in precise laser shots for eye treatment or IC's which can get in synch with our nervous system and help operate artificial on...

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