Apple iPhone Catches Fire In Pocket; Rings The Bell of Caution Among Users

Apple is in the news for all wrong reasons. This is not for the first time that an Apple gadget has caught fire. According to TOI, in November an iPad demo unit in Australia exploded spontaneously which forced the evacuation of the store.

This time around a 13-year-old girl’s iPhone caught fire while the phone was in her pocket. The girl, from Maine, US suffered first-and-second-degree burns as her phone spontaneously caught fire. As quoted in TOI, according to when the teenager sat down in class she heard a pop and smoke came from her pants. As her pants caught fire, three of her classmates helped her while teacher brought fire extinguisher and blanket to put off the flames. The girl was then taken to the Southern Maine Medical Centre for medical examination. The student was later released from the hospital.

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The reported that the fire administration’s chief Andrew Palmeri said, "It appears that when the student sat down, with the phone in her back pocket, the phone's battery 'shorted out'. Further investigations are on." Further he added that people should be cautious while placing their phones in their back pockets and ensure not as to crush them which can cause an electric short.

The reasons for such cases of Apple devices catching fire are speculated to be because of third-party or fake chargers. To tackle this problem the company has already initiated a programme to exchange such chargers at free of cost. Looks to be a good move.

What’s your take on such incidents of one of the most-reliable mobile company-Apple? Share your views in comments.


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