Any information about FLAT ENGINES

Hello every1.....
please do enlighten me about flat engines
thanks a lot people


  • gohm
    They are simply horizontaly opposed piston engines most notablly used as twins by BMW in motorcycles, though they have had other uses (aircraft) and other manufactures. What specifics were you looking for?
  • mdronsubbs
    i just heard about them just wanted to know what they are......can u pls povide with more information
  • gohm
    What specifically are you looking for? Other than cylinder placement they are standard internal combustion engines. Think of it like a 90 degree v engine "opened" fully to 180. In motorcycles they help lower the center of gravity (at the slight cost of lean angle). If it is air cooled, the engine will run cooler than a typical v formation. They can also produce lateral torque movement (only noticed when stationary) This boxer engine design lends itself well to motorcycles and airplanes due to the shape of the motor.

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