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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 9, 2012

Ankit Fadia Ethical Hacking Course - Post Your Review

Ankit Fadia's ethical hacking courses are quite famous and a lot of engineering students write to us whether they should join the course or not. Upon asking few questions to the aspiring hackers, it becomes clear that what they've very different idea about 'hacking'.

Ethical hacking is for the good; 'cracking' is for the bad. Many students think that they will be able to crack their friend's facebook password and even hack websites at their will. But that's not true. The real hackers don't have glamour around them; they work in stealth mode and have *very deep* understanding of the computer systems and security flaws in the networks and related software.

I'm sure we've CEans who've attended the course. I'd request all of you to post your own, independent, unbiased reviews of the course so that our fellow CEans benefit from it.
Have you been there Biggie?
im_Aswath • Feb 10, 2012
There are basically two types of hackers namely ,white and black hackers. Ethical courses are purely for the production of white hackers , who generally deal with security of certain organisation.
Ankit Fadia has an unique way of teaching ethical hacking , they never teach you the final step of any hacking process.The brilliant ones work hard to complete the final step and gain knowledge.(This process was mentioned by Ankit fadia in his interview)
gandhi vishrut
gandhi vishrut • Jul 11, 2012
i think sunny waghela is better than ankita fadia....sry but thats my personal opinion coz i have gone to IIT for sunny waghela and he seems to b very good while i have organized ankita fadia workshop at my college but he was not upto the extent he should be
Pensu • Jul 11, 2012
Hah.....Ankita Fadia's website was hacked by some pakistani hackers a few years ago. So a guy who cant save himself, I dont think we need to learn anything from him. Moreover, he claims US Govt. called him to de-crypt a message from Al-Quida.....😲. Another nirmal baba....😉
gandhi vishrut
gandhi vishrut • Jul 11, 2012
lol i agree and he didnt even show us any working examples as shown by sunny waghela

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