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Janaa karti
Janaa karti • Mar 24, 2015

android arduino project

frnz.. i wanna do my project of interfacing a display and wifi by using arduino developement kit. but i wish to program the kit by android OS.. then what type of basic processor or IC could i use to boot the android os to the kit?..?? and i want to use a cheap cost processor to boot with android OS!!
can anyone suggest me some processor i need to buy to use in arduino developement kit.!!
i have to just interface the the wifi and display ,that's y minimal memory could be sufficient fa me.
i've heard abt 1)amarino
2) udoo
3)arduino mega adk
but these developement kits are high on cost and it is not affordable i want a cheap cost developement kit that supports android OS for controlling the wifi and display 😀
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Mar 24, 2015
@Janaa karti, if you want cheapest SBC to run Android OS then I would say Raspberry Pi is the only choice for you.

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