@Neema Ambhurkar • 01 Aug, 2010
There are about 7-9 questions on based on analogies.

Below are some common types of analogies:

1. Synonyms:
e.g. diligent:assiduous

2. Antonyms:
e.g. enthrall:bore

3. Member and class:
e.g. robin:bird
In this type of analogy you'll have to see to it as to which word is the member and which is the class.

4. Degree of intensity:
e.g. walk:run
Here again you'll have to pay attention as to which word of the two is more stronger, harsher or intense tha the other and look for the similar option.

5. Part to a whole:

e.g. page:book

6. Definition:
e.g. refuge:sanctuary

7. Absence or lack of:

e.g. destitute:wealth

8. Defining characteristic:
e.g. interrogative:question
In this type of analogy, one word is the main or the defining characteristic pf the other.

9. Cause and effect:
e.g. overeating:indigestion
Again see to it that which word is the cause and which word is the effect.

10. Spatial order:
e.g. epilogue:story
In this type of analogy one of the words either comes before or after the other.

11. Product and source:
e.g. curtain:cloth

12. Time order:
e.g. crawling:walking

13. Worker and tool/workplace/creation:
e.g. chef:kitchen

14. Action to an object:
e.g. incise:knife

PS: If you know any other type of analogy you can share it with us. 😀
@ShrinkDWorld • 01 Aug, 2010 what is analogy?
@Neema Ambhurkar • 02 Aug, 2010 Analogy is a pair of words in which the words are related to each other in some form. You have to choose the option of the pair of words which share the same relationship as that in the question. Above are the types on which analogies in GRE can be asked.
For example, the question is:
1. Carpenter:Saw::

And the options for the answer are:
a) stenographer:typewriter
b) painter:brush
c) lawyer:brief
d) seamstress:scissors
e) runner:sneakers

In the above example, you will have to find out the relationship between the carpenter and a saw. The type is worker and tool. But in the answer, all the options have workers and tools as the possible choice. Here again, you'll have to search for the specific relation in the question that is, a carpenter uses a saw for cutting wood. Similarly, from the options the only tool that is used for cutting is the scissors. Hence the correct option is c) seamstress:scissors

PS:seamstress means a woman who sews, or makes a living by sewing.
@CIVILPRINCESS • 02 Aug, 2010 nice one nion👍.
but analogies are not restricted to GRE alone. they are a part of almost all competitive exams nowadays. is is a part of many management exams too.😁

and in the above example you have made a mistake with the options. it is d.😀

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