An earthquake resistive shell - Study in reduction of lateral deflection during earthquake

Project Abstract / Summary : The present era makes way to the existence of asymmetric building during earthquake. The symmetrical building takes pride to sustain during seismic at any soil conditions. The Soil Structure Interaction, emphasis as an effective and vital phrase in seismic load. This project deals with innovative method, earthquake resistive shell which reduces the lateral deflection of buildings during earthquake. A frame structure of height 51.50m modelled with fixed for hard soil. Another building having shell type cover over framed structures was modelled for hard soil with fixed condition. These model were analyzed for response spectrum analysis using STAAD Pro V8i software. The results proved that deflection for framed structure was 60% higher than the framed structure with shell type cover, thus satisfying the innovative method.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : We selected this project in due of our thirst in the field of structural engineering. The studies and recent researches related to structural engineering and its advancement, made us to move deeper in to it. The studies were also showed as the need for earthquake resistive structures in the present era. The escalating risk in earthquake paved the way for these earthquake resistant structures. The new trend in building design believed that an outer earthquake resistive shell (ERS) will sustain more in seismic. Thus the research on the seismic structures generated with an upcoming innovative concept of Earthquake resistive shell over the structures. Then further studies where made to bring this innovative approach. The ideas where put forth with placing a framed building in an Earthquake resistive shell with steel bracings and founded that the building was able to sustain more than normal building. The building was analyzed using the software STAAD Pro V8i and the results were concluded from that. The outer Earthquake resistive shell is able to reduce the deflection when compared with the framed building. Hence Earthquake resistive structure topic is under vital research now a days.

Project Category : Civil / Structural
Institute/College Name: RVS TECHNICAL CAMPUS
City: Coimbatore
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year


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