Amity University- M.E.Structural Engineering - Industrial Engineering Question paper

1. Explain Natural Ventilation.
2. How protection against noise can be done in industrial buildings?
3. Explain corbel.
4. Name the different shell roofs used in industrial buildings.
5. Explain north light truss with a neat sketch.
6. Distinguish between bunker and silo.
7. What do you understand by self supporting steel chimney?
8. Explain the structural action of folded plate.
9. What are the loads to be considered in the design of transmission line towers?
10. Under what circumstances testing of towers is necessary?
11. Discuss briefly how the planning for layout requirement is done for an industrial building. Supplement your answer with sketches.
a) State the important guidelines from Factories act with reference to planning of industrial buildings.
b) Explain various methods of providing lighting for industrial buildings.
a) An industrial building is to be provided with a hand operated 50 kN crane facility. The details of the building and the gantry girders are:
Longitudinal spacing of columns = 6m, Centre to centre distance of gantry girders = 12m, Wheel spacing = 3m, Edge distance = 1m, Weight of crane girder = 40 kN, Weight of trolley car = 10 kN. Design the gantry girder for bending and shear.
b) Design a RCC corbel to carry a factored load of 500 kN at a distance 200 mm from the face of a 300 x 300 RCC Column. Use M35 concrete and Fe 415 steel.

13.What is a Nib and under what circumstances would you use them? Sketch the reinforcement details in Nibs with a) Light loads b) Large loads.


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