• akpower


    MemberAug 31, 2011

    Alternative energy generators (Solar Power)

    Depleting natural resources such as coal, petroleum products, and uncontrolled deforestation for urban development, have compelled visionaries to tap solar power as a sustainable and green power source. However present technologies demand larger surface area to collect solar energy & then converting into electricity.When demand is in terms of gigawatts, surface areas will be huge and therefore concentrating solar rays in limited areas remains the solution. It was in news, that Japanese scientists are intending to install mirrors on the Moon for reflecting the solar rays to the Earth. The same purpose can be achieved if mirrors are installed on geostationary satellites. Can some authorities enlighten us?
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  • Ramani Aswath

    MemberAug 31, 2011

    The insolation (Incoming solar power) at tropical latitudes is about 1.2KW/Sq.Mtr. at peak times. At current level efficiencies this translates to about 150 W/ Whether you concentrate it or not there is no escaping this. You need 6 Billion collection area/Gigawatt. Imagine what costs are involved in putting up such a large area mirrors in geostat orbits and the technology for sun tracking all those mirrors to focus on collectors on the earth.
    The heat will also be concentrated and anything in the path of the beam will fry.
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