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@Ashish Bardhan • 06 Jan, 2013 • 1 like
Accolite comes for selecting students in campus for Computer Science branches (CSE/COE/IT/SE).

Every single round mentioned below was an Elimination Round.


1. Written Coding Round : There was a written subjective test for an hour, having 6 questions. 5 were coding (mainly based on Data Structures) and 1 was checking and rectifying the errors in the code.

2. Interview Rounds : There were three interviews : 2 Technical and a HR. Every round was made elimination round for all the shortlisted students. In technical round, basic questions from various technical concepts like- C/C++ Programming, OOPS, Data Structures, DBMS, OS, Networking etc. were asked, along with some famous coding problems like - Sorting and Searching, Divide and Conquer, Backtracking and Tree-based. Moreover, they've asked for giving a complete overview of my mentioned Projects. Whereas in the HR round, typical HR questions were asked. Few mind-boggling puzzles were also asked in every round.
@Ashish Bardhan • 06 Jan, 2013 • 1 like Accolite Coding Questions (Written + Interview Rounds)

1. Find the depth of an n-ary Tree
2. Write the Level Order travesal of Binary Tree in the following order
Suppose the Tree is

The Order should be printed : 1 2 3 7 6 5 4

3. Find the subarray with maximum sum/product
4. Find all the possible subsets from a set of n distinct elements
5. Create a Binary Tree using its Inorder Travesal and Postorder/Preorder Travesal
6. Covert Infix expression into its equivalent Postfix/Prefix form (even vice-versa)
@Ankita Katdare • 05 Dec, 2014 This has been a particularly information thread. Thanks to ashish.

Here's a collection of topics & questions previously asked during Accolite campus selection procedure -

1. Given a sequence of integers:
ways to find the first non-repeating sequence.
sort integers based on occurrence using hash map.
2. How do you remove loop from a linked list?
3. How to make a HashMap instance object as an unmodifiable class, without using Collections API.
4. Write code to do sum of 2 numbers represented in a linked list and show result in another linked list.
5. How asynchronous treads work along with JVM internals.
6. Shortest path sum of a binary tree

Knowledge/Concepts to be revised for Accolite technical round:

1. Core Java fundamentals
2. Serialization
3. Collections.
5. Garbage Collection.
6. Tree traversal
7. SQL joins
@Divisha Madupalli • 19 Feb, 2020

1 coding round: mainly on DS and problem-solving.

1 Technical round: all the concepts of DBMS,os, dc, cn, oops,algo, design analysis and many others which are in your curriculum.

@Noothan Kumar • 22 Feb, 2020

i was recently interviewed at accolite for the position of senior software engineer. according to the job description, they are looking for a person having in depth knowledge of multi threading (guess it is for a banking project), data structures, algorithms, collections, concurrency. so i prepared accordingly. the first round was telephonic and lasted for around 30–35mins. there were questions from collections, working with collections, some basic algorithms, basic level multi threading program, hibernate questions. around 3 days later i got a call from the recruiting manager saying that they want to schedule a 2nd round with me which would be over skype since the interviewer was at UK. they scheduled it for a slot of 45mins. but on the day of the interview, the scenario was different. the interviewer first asked me if i have some exposure to spring, hibernate, web services which i did have but since all these i prepared mainly for core java i said that i have very basic level elementary knowledge. the initial 2–3 questions were on basic of those and then the interviewer dived deep in to core java asking detailed working and functioning of collections, each type of collections, how we can modify them, from each of the nitty gritty things within collections and what’s their use. questions even went to multiple inheritance, use of final variable, multi level inheritance, polymorphism, etc. the interview went on for 1 hour 15 mins. i even had to write code snippets in skype chat during the interview. i am yet to hear from the recruiting manager if i at all made it through or not. but as per my experience accolite ensures that they hire the best person by running him/her through a whole of grinding process and extract all possible knowledge that they possess.


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