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A Universal Voice Assistant By Nuance, Now Tell Your Cellphone To Start Your Car!

Question asked by Pensu in #Coffee Room on Jan 7, 2013
Pensu · Jan 7, 2013
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Nuance is not a new name in voice recognition systems. Their voice recognition technology is used widely in lot of products including TVs, cars, mobile phone apps etc. Till now none of these devices were interconnected, but now Nuance has developed a new system which is going to connect all the different platforms.
All of the Nuance's voice recognition technology powered devices use the same Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology. But till now they all were working separately. You couldn't tell your phone to record a program on TV or you couldn't tell your car to set up a birthday reminder in your phone. But with the help of new system it is possible to crossover between different platforms who are actually running the same technology.
Announcing the new “intelligent system” at CES 2013, Matt Ravis, VP and GM of Nuance's handset division said, “The idea is to create a personal assistant that will persist beyond the interface, that can be accessed anywhere from the cloud. We want to unify the personal assistance experience across form factors.” Although it is said that each interface will remain specialized to a certain degree, the new system has got great potential. So, be ready to tell your microwave to stop your washing machine!
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