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A safety question for Steam

Question asked by david2008 in #Coffee Room on Mar 27, 2008
david2008 · Mar 27, 2008
Hi there,
I have a safety question. I want to produce high temperature, high pressure steam. On a 1/2 inch tube, length is about 1 meter. Initially I put cold water in tube. Then pump it to 4000 psi. Now I will heat it to achieve about 380C. (in this process, I will open a purge valve many times to avoid volume increase too much). I will use pressure transducer and thermocouple to measure them.

Is this experiment safe?
If I can find some experimental data about this test, I may not to reproduce it. Can anyone give me some information about it?

[FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']David[/FONT] Posted in: #Coffee Room
gohm · Mar 28, 2008
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What material are you using in construction? Where are you conduction this test and what safety precautions do you have in place? What outcome are you looking for or hypothesis are you testing?

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