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75 percent Indian engineers unemployable: Nasscom

Bangalore: Indian IT firms reject 90 percent of college graduates and 75 percent of engineers who apply for jobs because they are not good enough to be trained, according to Nasscom.

Wipro employs 95,000, Infosys 1,05,000 and TCS 1,43,000. Of the Fortune 500, only Wal-Mart in America adds more people annually than either Infosys or TCS.

Last year Infosys hired 28,231 people, including 18,000 graduates paid Rs.3 lakh a year. This year they will hire 20,000 at Rs 3.25 lakh. Infosys is hiring though there isn't enough business. Currently, 30,000 people at Infosys are 'benched'.

Why are they still hiring and raising salaries? Because they cannot find competent people and due to this reason, this year Infosys increased its training of employees to 29 weeks. That's seven months of training. Why do they need so much training? And why is the quality of applicants so poor?

Infosys spends twice as much as its American competitors on training, four percent of revenue. Nine half-literates are produced by our colleges, by Nasscom's numbers, for every graduate of passable quality. What is Nasscom's solution to this? It wants government to boost college enrolment from 10 percent of those in secondary school, to 25 percent. Nasscom knows that this will only increase the number of job applicants, not the quality, but there's no other solution.

India produces three million graduates, but Nasscom says that next year it will see a shortage of 500,000 graduates, because incompetents will swamp the rest.

source :- siliconindia
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 30, 2009
Please mention the source if you got this from other website ๐Ÿ˜€

In India, engineering is a short-cut to getting low quality jobs. As a result, no one really pays attention to engineering as a subject and its applications. That's why lot of engineers end up writing simple java/.Net codes for mega corporations. The problem of unemployment in India [among engineers] will worsen if engineers continue to run after jobs than creating their own corporations [that produce software products]. Services industry is good in the short run. That's my personal opinion though.
madhumurundi • Oct 31, 2009
I TOO AGREE WITH BIG_k.. But what i personally feel is In India Almost all Engineering students Never pay the attention about Knowledge gaining... and also lukewarm response towards New technologies.. and Never wish to Take Risk and Facing it Boldly.. so this mindset is cultivated throughout there life. even they are Following same stuffs in Company also. and they more no of Engineers are never having an self mastery Attitude...
All these causes these consequences!!!!!!
Please mention the source if you got this from other website ๐Ÿ˜€
Oh I forgot to mention source
source :- siliconindia
. The problem of unemployment in India [among engineers] will worsen if engineers continue to run after jobs than creating their own corporations [that produce software products]. Services industry is good in the short run. That's my personal opinion though. the point ..I usually think biggie..
Why students are running behind jobs in various companies?
It usually occurs to my mind...
so here is My question arises If we have there anything that we can't achieve?๐Ÿ˜›
Guttu • Nov 3, 2009
We can achieve anything. It's just we are lazy or we don't have that much self-confidence. If you ask me, Everyone should work for 4-5 years and then start his\her own business.
In my opinion now these days there are so many private institutions which are taking admissions by donations and producing low quality is a trend now these days so student also take admissions in these type of colleges just for their degree.quality is decreasing -quantity is increasing.
juma1987 • Nov 3, 2009
I agree with cooldudeiet, private engineering makes the "easy path", at least is what i think it happens in my country (Uruguay)
nandu070691 • Nov 3, 2009
I too agree with Big K. We must not forget the fact that today one is sitting under the shades because someone had planted a tree long time ago......
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 3, 2009
In India the excitement among students to opt for engineering is very well justified. Parents also play a big role in Indian's student's career related decisions. Students who score good marks in entrance exams typically opt for engineering and medicine. Engineering, still is a preferred choice simply because its easier to clear engineering exams in four years. Most of the students get a job when they are in third/final year of engineering.

Engineering also ensures early settlement in life which is of uber importance in Indian societies. Also in marriages, engineers are the preferred tribes [ [โ€‹IMG] ]. Now since everything 'just follows' once you enter an engineering college, no one feels the need of being a 'creator' or an 'engineer in true sense'. I am sure few of you will agree with me.

I'll not blame the mushrooming of engineering colleges in India. From an estimate I did few weeks ago, there are over 3000+ engineering colleges in India and more are coming up every year - and guess what, nearly all seats are already filled. Its simply a demand-supply thing with the demand that grows in line with the supply. ๐Ÿ˜€

The result - India produces mediocre engineers in bulk! Its disheartening to me as well and I'm really not happy at the reality. What's more disheartening is that the smarter bunch India produces, isn't into research or entrepreneurship or manufacturing!

We need to develop a positive outlook towards engineering. I hope CE will contribute to that in some way.
The education system is also bad!!!

Enginnering exams we can pass easily , If not nothing stops we can clear it next semister if not next and so on.

If they make it strict like medicine i.e., passing atleast 5 out of 6 exams, atleast few percent of real engineers will increase!!

And coming to doing java/.net coding and doing nothing else, If everyone is a enterprenuer who will work??

Some people may excel in coding itself, its not bad!!
Moreover, Instead of thinking what happened we can have some idea to educate students in such a way suitable to IT firms.

This was an Idea I shared with my brother and he started going to colleges to explain what is QA and what you should do to get into QA.

Anyway if we are explaining something which gives them a job most of the people will be interested ๐Ÿ˜€

what say??

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