• Kaustubh

    MemberSep 1, 2009

    52,000 Crazy Engineers

    Since last few weeks, the growth CE is experiencing is awesome! CE's ambassadors (you all!) have been spreading the word among their friends & colleagues. At the time of writing this post, CrazyEngineers is exactly 52,104 members strong and growing rapidly.

    The polls show that CE's popularity is growing through friend referrals. Note that we do not have a referral system and referrers do not get any points/credit for referring CE to their friends. Yet, CEans have been actively involved in telling their friends about CrazyEngineers. This tells us that we are doing a great job and expectations from CE are all time high. We will continue to add quality content o[​IMG]n the forums, keep helping you and bring you awesome Small Talks with the biggest & the greatest people associated with engineering & entrepreneurship.

    -The Big K-
    Founder & Administrator
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